My images do not appear

Hello mates, my problem is that all the images that I have in my compositions and my main page do not appear for 3 days. I have them hosted in Postimage, I have looked there and they are still hosted.

Anyone having the same problem?

Thanks in advance.

Hi! I use “SlickPic” always works! Good luck!

After dropbox closed public directory then switched to microsoft one drive and works so perfectly
Good luck!

Thanks for answering
I just uploaded an image to Microsoft One drive but it does not work either.
I do not know what may be happening.

Please can someone check if you see the images of my main page.

Thank you very much for your help!

I do not see anything!

Postimage uses .cc domain not .org


Thank you very much Sealord! All solved (org to cc)
But I do not understand why they have changed in Postimages.
Thanks also to CleanMagicAudio!

Now I have a hard work to do.

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