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I had purchased this theme based on the demo showcase given by ChimpStudio- the author.

From the day I purchased and installed the theme, we are facing a lot of issues on this theme. When connected with the ChimpStudio support team by raising the ticket, the support team giving very poor suggestions to downgrade the WordPress version and PHP version. Even after downgrade to lower version theme does not works as expected. When I look at the console log, we could see lots of errors. Looks like the theme is outdated not the latest one, they are not maintaining it. How dare they are selling it to the customer when it is an issue.

Issues I faced:

  1. JQuery plugin still using an outdated version. JQuery undefined,JQuery’s live() is deprecated, jQuery(…).prettyPhoto is not a function and much more.
  2. Model popup window is not closing after hit the save button. Save function not works, after clicking many times it still remains in the same page.
  3. When I look at the detailed page of the property getting lot of page load error and browser keep showing wait or close as popup.

So far we have not get any update on this from support team. Very wrost support and wrost theme, which has lot of bug, don’t purchase this theme and don’t purchase any theme from ChimpStudio very poor support and fixing any issue. Always gives suggestion to downgrade instead o fixing the issue.

Bacause of ChimpStudio’s poor support we lose the one of the business opportunity. I am posting this with my own experience with ChimpStudio.

This is my support ticket number - 367806, still in open.


Contact with your purchase item author hope they will helped!