Hey! Show us your workspace 2017

Hi there,

I’m curious to know what you guys have on your workspace.

Take a photograph of where you get things done every day. We want to see your desk and office setup. Tell us why you’ve got things organized and anything else we should know about how you stay productive and efficient.

And here, I’ll go first:

More screens: not because I need more pixels, but rather I need them to test my apps. I need to make sure my plugins, templates, themes & websites are responsive and all elements are displayed seamlessly on different screens and devices.

Something green: I often got a cactus or an echeveria from my colleagues or my sister. She flowers it and puts it on my desk. And I just feel good to have it around.

My wireless headphone: I can bear the wired keyboard but can’t be bothered with wired headphone. And because loud music is prohibited in my office.

A pingpong ball: Think about it. Just when the image of this ball comes to mind, it does sound ‘ping ping pong pong’ and that’s very much of a brain massage to me. I also love to ping it on my desk in my breaks, for no specific reason. :smiley:

And there it is.

I can’t wait to see yours!!


I’m an illustrator, but most of the time, I teach.
As you can see, I don’t have much gadgets at my desk.

My ideal corner is a combination of analog and digital workspace, where I can reach my tech stuff with one hand and play around, like doodling, with the other hand.
I always think though the future may be digital, analog technology will always have its place!