My new work place :)


Until recently, I finished my apartment repairs.Here come the best flyers :slight_smile:



Looks great, mate! Good luck with your new projects in that nice apartment!


Nice room and workplace!


Nice workplace :slight_smile:


beautiful, I like the back light from the pictures on the wall. :slight_smile: And the tree on the wall, I also plan to paint one on my wall.


Light boxes is on the wall is actually old furniture parts, such as cabinet doors etc. I paste the wallpaper onto and the bottom of the glued LED strip.Power from old PC power supply (12v).


Your room is very beautiful, I love :heart:


cool room! nice


I love what you did with it! Great, open vibe. The lighted picture on the wall is great… makes me want to get one… :slight_smile:


Seems very confortable, nice workplace looks amazing.


Really like this, the wall lights are inspiring. Nice clean space, not too many distractions makes for a perfect working atmosphere.


this is huge bro, so happy for u , u deserve it all, not only are u a greta designer but a greta guy too and u deserve even more actually , best of luck Vallo :slight_smile:


Nice place :slight_smile:


u are right good taste and good modern environment, not surprising on the other hand with such a great designer …


Really cool work place man :slight_smile::+1::grinning: