Share your Workspace!

Hello there!

I’m in process of creating my dream workspace setup and thought that would be cool to ask you to share your workspace of creating music.
Hope to find a lot of inspiration and aesthetic from your answers and photos.




A bit messy perhaps, but I love to work in here :slight_smile:
(our Studio on the island of Palawan, Philippines)


Salamanca SPAIN


I started from zero, knowing nothing about, working with production 6 months ago, and thats what i managed to get by now.
Got 3 tracks accepted here and 1 sale, it may sound silly but for me it’s a personal victory :slight_smile:




Hi guys, what a great idea! I love seeing other composer’s studios for new ideas and improvements. Here is mine:

I live in Sydney (Australia) but was born in Brazil.


Wow, everyone’s studios are so fancy!

For 99% of my time as a producer, my studio has simply been a laptop, a Scarlett 2i4, my guitars and ATH-M50X headphones… all on a small desk :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok, impressive. But if I’m not mistaken, this thread is about the aesthetics (and inspiration)
of the workplace. The equipment doesn’t matter, I assume it’s about how you set your work space.
So…photos please :slight_smile:


Opa, legal encontrar brasileiros aqui. Prazer em conhecer meu amigo. Vc eh de onde?

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Prazer amigo, sou de São Paulo e vc?

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Hey @WavebeatsMusic! Nice workspace! May I ask how did those corner foam traps worked out for you? I’m about to build my own rockwool bass but that ready-made solution would be great if it really made a difference for you. Those Genelec are looking sharp, BTW!

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Hi @WormwoodMusic, absolutely! The bass traps (in the corners) are vital! I moved my studio 3 times in the past 2 years and I did a lot of acoustic tests in all 3 places. I run a sine wave from 20hz to 20Kh with and without the panels and the bass traps…the difference is significant! Specially the corners ones. I highly recommend them. Mines are from Auralex. I bought this kit: (24 panels + 8 bass traps). There are better options but this fit my budget of around $1K. and yes, the genelecs 8330A with the auto-calibration system kit are amazing! :grinning::+1:t3:

opa…legal! Eu nasci em Minas (Belo Horizonte). Mas meus pais e meu irmao todos moram em Sao Paulo capital. Eu vou pro Brasil todo ano visita-los! :slight_smile: Boa sorte pra vc aqui no AudioJungle! Super competitivo but quite fun! :grinning::+1:t3:

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Boa sorte pra vc também amigo, boa música pra todos nós!!!

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