Help with WordPress Theme that is rejected by evanto.

Hi everyone, some months ago we launched our first HTML theme in Themeforest (Byond) and all was ok.

Our second step is to launch the WordPress version but after uploading the theme many times, trying to follow the Evanto documentation, they continually reject our team without giving us any reason. So, We decide to request your help. If you guys have any advice about how to upload a WordPress theme to Themeforest and not to die in the attempt will be very appreciated for us.

The main features of our themes are the next.

  • Many themes come with Composer Builder, we decide to build our modules with Elementor Page builder (free version) because we believe that It is newest and more interactive than Composer.
  • We don’t use any extra plugins to maintain the theme light, simple and fast as possible.
  • We only implement support for widgets on the sidebar in the blog page, this theme is no focused for blogs, so this first version, we only built a standard blog view with a standard sidebar with comment and sidebar compatibility.
  • We use the standard WordPress methods to implement the different sections of our theme.
  • Only we have a personalized section called portfolio with his own menu and his own options, also we use the standard functions to built it, so I believe that this could not be a problem.
  • Also we create the documentation in videos, you could watch this visdeos on

If any of you could help us or needs extra information, just let us know… Thanks a lot…

Hello @On-Pixel

You can read this for more: Updated WordPress Requirements

Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks for the recommendation, we readed that information, also we downloaded the Envato-theme-check and It showed that our theme is ready to upload, but Envato continues rejecting without any explanation.

According to the list in the original message, could be something that Envato doesn’t accept, like use Elementor instead Composer?, really is difficult to fix problems if Envato doesn’t give any specific orientation. Is like to shots in the dark.

This is the link of the theme,, If any want to check out.