Hard Rejected theme wordpress

Unfortunately, the theme has been rejected me hard. In your opinion, what is the problem?
demo :http://demo.alphaartstudio.com/eliana/
thank you

sincerely speaking

Everything is wrong , if you go to this link : https://wordpress.org/themes/

you will find way more useful and better themes for free then what you really made. your theme seriously needs 99% of improvements or maybe just right click > trash the file .

Without any offence it’s not even acceptable on https://wordpress.org/themes/ for free version. i hope you will get it.

Do you think this is a copy?

What should I do?

it’s not a copy , the thing is it’s not eligible even to be a free theme , you should improve your self in design , coding , logics , concepts nearly all the things before submiting anything to the envato platform , watch some tutorials , use codeacademy read some html5 and css3 concepts, get your self at higher level with design first , and you can start with html templates and slowly go for wordpress templating once you are ready with your skills.

What is the purpose of advanced WordPress?

Your template to be accepted here on envato , need to have alot off stuff to be accepted. i’m also wordpress theme and plugin developer and able to make the stuff that themeforest requires but i don’t have time to complete the requirements themeforest requires , such as , shortcode abiities , revolution sliders and layers sliders if possible , alot of html and widget and home variations , compatibility with many main stream plugins , such as , wpml , woocommerce , buddypress which is a must now days for a wordpress theme.

You have alot of things to learn ahead. just for for making up your skills better.

if wpml,woocamerce,shortcode , Add the field to be approved?

Read this tutorial from envato site it self you will get some idea of what it lacks.

thank you
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The theme is awful, please learn basic design, no matter how many features you’ll add, the design will still be miles away from anything remotely close to being accepted here.

That is not a design problem?
It should be more WordPress?

This is definitely a design problem first. It’s really far away from anything accepted here. Check the wp blog section and compare it to the work you’ll find there.