Help with website

I bought a website a couple years ago I’m looking into optimizing my site using css sprites. I understand the concept but I do not know how to incorporate the code to achieve what I want that is where your help comes in.

So for example In the header of my site I have a slider that is pulling 8 individual images and I would like to pull in one sprite sheet and scale and position the one image for each slider. So how and where do I put this code in for this example below from my website(

iv id=“sliderWindow” class=“sliderWindow”>
mg src=“images/sliderImages/Welcome_Slider1.jpg” alt="" title="#htmlcaption1" /> <img src=
images/sliderImages/Welcome_Slider11.jpg" alt="" title="#htmlcaption11"/> <img src=
images/sliderImages/Welcome_Slider8.jpg" alt="" title="#htmlcaption7"/> <img src=
images/sliderImages/Welcome_Slider9.jpg" alt="" title="#htmlcaption2"/> <img src=
images/sliderImages/Welcome_Slider10.jpg" alt="" title="#htmlcaption3" /> <img src=
images/sliderImages/Welcome_Slider4.jpg" alt="" title="#htmlcaption4" /> <img src=
images/sliderImages/Welcome_Slider7.jpg" alt="" title="#htmlcaption5" /> <img src=
images/sliderImages/Welcome_Slider6.jpg" alt="" title="#htmlcaption6" /> </di

There is other places in the code that I want to use this but I can figure that out if you help me get started with this first one.


I would suggest to contact the theme author but regarding to your support may be expired already, I can suggest paid support if you’re interested in

Some of the theme files may need to be recoded if there’s no option at the theme management panel