HTML Hard Rejected- Need heeeeelp please

Hey,so my upload have been hard rejected, wich made me reconsider my knowledge,I have been learningd html-css-javascript-php just from web tutrials, practice and making mistakes for like 1 year, so I believed now I am fine with those, wich I am not believing that anymore,so,I think my problem is that I dont know yet the structure of a website maybe, beh actually I dont know what I am missing, I didn’t learn how to use any framework yet, even the sliders I made them ’ or I should say I improved one’ with pure javascript , not a single use of jquery, ill link you an example for a website that I was making for my father business and didn’t finish it yet because I found themeforest and I wanted to chalenge myself,so I really would like you to give an eye on it and see if you can figure what I am missing,"warning the website has an auto music play, turn your sound down so you dont be annoyed :stuck_out_tongue:

I really need your feedback please and any links that would help me improve myself if you can, thank you in advance !

Hi !
I see you’re french :stuck_out_tongue:
Donc je m’explique mais en anglais :smile:
I think that you need to change the fonts you’re using, and use some stuffs like font icons for the phone number, change the footer…etc
Good Luck

السلام عليكم أخي
أولا اللغة يجب أن تكون أنجليزية

ثانيا أستايل الخاص بك ليس له معنى

  • يجب أن تكون الجودة
    والتسلسل الهرمي


ملاحضة أخرى الحفض بـ HTML أو HTM وليس PHP

With all due respect you are quite a long way off.

Numerous validation issues in your code

Music on a website is risky

Home slider has numerous problems with stretched images, bad typography, lack of mobile optimisation
Design feels very outdated

Some images looks stretched esp in slider

Typography needs a lot of work

Feels completely unfinished as several page s"under construction" or incomplete and feel rushed

Compare this to others for sale on here and you will see the differences

yes its incomplete , but can you please tell me where I failed in the coding part or structure, I really need to know please

Not all of these really matter but as few as possible is important as several are avoidable.

You really to look at the main slider

The fundamentals e.g. typography, spacing, padding, hierarchy etc all need consideration

There’s no point submitting it until it is complete - it will actually do more harm than good with reviewers

I’d suggest learning some design basics, typography, spacing, this is miles away from being approved here. There’s nothing that’s good enough, everything looks bad. very bad & outdated.

oks , I understand :blush:

oks , I will start right away with those

FinalDestiny is right - you are better off re evaluating and planning the site and starting over than trying to fix this one.

Sometimes it’s better to start afresh with a blank canvas

Link is not working for me