Help with deleted SoloPine theme?

I purchased the Sitka theme from SoloPine a year ago for my blog, and went to update to the newest version because I needed the TikTok socials sections that were only available in the latest update, only for it to be listed as unavailable. Apparently SoloPine closed down and deleted all of their socials and methods of contact AND their themes, so I have no clue how to get the update that I missed before they deleted it.

Because of this, the theme no longer has the appeal to me unless I can update. I’ve tried contacting them through Envato to no avail. Their contact section on their websites lead to dead ends, and every social they have is deleted. I just need the update for the theme I paid for, or I want to pursue being refunded and finding a different theme. I run a move abroad blog that uses TikTok and Instagram and a primary way to reach my base outside of my blog, and now I’m stuck without being able to add my TikTok alongside my other socials on my blog.

I do NOT want to pay anyone to help me with the theme. I either want the theme update that I already paid for, or pursue a refund and find a different theme. Thanks.

You can try contacting Envato Market Help and Support but if it’s been over a year then you are unlikely to get a refund as envato do not guarantee the life span of items outside of the initial 6 months of support which comes with purchases

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You have paid for the theme but not the updates. It comes from the author if they wanted to keep the item updated for some time. Considering that you’ve been using it for over a year, in the world, there’s no company offers a refund after one year, it doesn’t matter if it’s digital or not.

As @charlie4282 suggested, you’re not going to get the refund but waste some other people time. I understand your frustration but you need to purchase another one if you want to use it or keep the theme as the suggested/supported version with WordPress. There’s no life-time support with any item on the marketplace.

That’s unfortunate. Yesterday was the first time I had used the blog since installing the theme (I wrote one post yesterday) due to surgeries and caring for relatives with alzheimer’s so I guess I paid $70 to have it sit and look pretty and empty for a year. :smiling_face_with_tear:

Any recommendations for other blog theme provider websites that still allow purchasers to access the theme codes and updates even if the theme’s public download post/page is deleted? I wish that the theme still had the codes and files under my downloads section since I had already purchased and accessed it.

You can check the themes with latest updates. They usually have the change log as well you could see how often the author updates the themes

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