help to startup a small online dating business website from A to Z

hi im emad and id like to startup a privet limited dating online business website for all the staff employee in the same work place, minding all the moral laws and highest security works in both pc and smart phones. with the best and latest high tech available and best services support. Thank you.

Hey @kathirie

That’s a cool idea! What are you looking for specifically? A website template?

@SeventhQueen has a pretty solid dating template right here. They also provide very high-quality support.

Thanks Mr. matthew for the post, and yeah sweet date seems like a pretty cool website, and i just want make sure that all the newest and coolest latest features are available in it, and i wanted it to be a pro and elite website as much as we can, for the users are doctors and nurses and special guests too i`m sure i have all the info and connection that there will be no fake users, but i just need the best tool to control it.

Bear in mind (while the theme mentioned above is great) there are two things to think about:

  1. stock themes are an awesome way to kick start a project at a vastly more accessible price; but you can’t compare this to custom developing a solution (a true dating app is far more than a front end website and would be well into the thousands to create) and the features are unlikely to be the same out of the box.

  2. there is A LOT that does/needs to go on behind the scenes of a dating site including managing users’ data securely, vetting fake profiles, maintaining appropriate conversations etc. Plus you should have legal guidance in case something was (hopefully never) to go wrong.

Again stock themes are a great way to start but you need to be realistic about what can/can’t be achieved and be careful not to get over excited and rush it.

Hello there, thanks @matthewcoxy for mentioning us. SweetDate can be used for such website indeed and if you need more functionality you can always extend the theme with custom development or by using plugins.
@charlie4282 is right that a dedicated dating site that is custom developed can bring you the exact functionality you need but the big difference is the budget. A theme is somewhere under $100, where a custom developed solutions can easily jump over $5000.

All the best. If you need any other info just let me know


@kathirie, see above :slight_smile:

hey, thanks matthew and charlie and seventhqueen for the posts and i`m sorry for the late reply i was at work and it was really happy of all your thoughts and concern specially charlie your words were truly appreciated and your advises are seriously taken. thank you again

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Dear charlie i received this package offer from a local website developer
and here`s their package deal:
Booking and hosting the domain name for the first year
Graphic design of the site and design of business identity
Design and implementation of programming tasks
Create and add content in English
Integrating payment gateways Credit cards and PayPal
Add security certificate
Content Management System
Submit your site to search engines
Create social accounts and enable access through social accounts
Technical support
Smartphone applications Android + IOS

WHAT DO YOU THINK should i take this deal?

How much do they want? If I am honest it sounds like complete, generic BS and is missing some pretty crucial details!

- Booking and hosting the domain name for the first year.
What hosting, who with, shared? Dedicated? What details or spec of hosting?

- Graphic design of the site and design of business identity
How many amends? What if you don’t like the design? To what extent is the site designed?

- Design and implementation of programming tasks
Built on what platform? Using what software? In what time frame? to what compatibility? How are accounts managed? How/Where is data stored? etc. etc.

- Create and add content in English
Natively or Google Translate? (this is hardly something to charge for!)

- Integrating payment gateways Credit cards and PayPal
Again how? Using what platforms or plugins etc? What encryption or security?

- Add security certificate
So? Probably just an add-on to the hosting pack and would be pretty crucial if they plan to integrate credit cards etc.

- Content Management System
So it’s WordPress? Joomla? Custom solution? Is it a bespoke item or just a template in disguise?

- Submit your site to search engines
What? Do they mean proper SEO optimisation? Unless you intentionally turn it off then he site will do this anyhow

- Create social accounts and enable access through social accounts
Do you really need to pay someone to do that?

- Technical support
To what extent? What is covered? In what time frame?

- Smartphone applications Android + IOS
Proper apps? Or just a responsive site?

Dear Mr. Charlie Thank you again and you were so right about the price cost its over 5000$, its a registered company here in my country with an official contract but your advice about having legal guidance is really needed specially one of their terms is the website and its services are for your personal use. you will not modify or copy, distribute, reproduce, publish or sell any information, products or services obtained from our website or through customer service centers. so i searched in google for an internet attorney because itll be disappointing if i dont have the complete ownership of the website i`ll pay for.

$5K for a proper version of that type of platform (let alone if there was actually mobile apps involved) would be very cheap.

That sounds very odd to have in a contract - usually, if someone is employed to build a site for a client then they don’t get to control how that client uses it in the future.

Everything you have shared from their proposal to that clause in their contract just sounds like generic, “Google-sourced” copy that someone searched for without really understanding the meaning or use.

I don’t know how things work where you are but assuming you want to go with a more custom solution then I would expect having a local agency involved is safer. That said you need to get a proper proposal out of them that outlines details about hosting, development, platforms, timelines, amends, support etc. What you listed earlier from them, with respect is rubbish at any price let alone when talking about thousands of $

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Mr. Charlie after your questions above i Totally agree that there are a lot of missing pretty crucial details in the deal, i mean before we make this contract business deal they should provide at least a Detailed vision and clear design, and A symmetrical structural layout of the vision, and a similar job done examples.

Definitely evidence of previous work - this is not a basic build and you are playing with some quite serious data in terms of people’s personal info esp medical professionals.

Before getting into the design I would suggest starting with the technical stuff because that is where the greatly variable costs are.

  • What hosting? Shared/dedicated? What is the spec on the hosting? Where are servers (this may be relevant in terms of data storage)? Who is providing it?

  • What CMS are they recommending? WHY? Is it custom design/build or is it using a theme or a framework?

  • What are the details of the payment? Is it just \payPal or a separate Credit Card gateway and if so which? What security is in place to protect this?

Realistically I do appreciate that you are not trying to replicate here! and it’s probably (at least initially) a basic project but you still need to be clear on the very basics.

I’m if they are an agency they should be fine but you are well within your rirhgts to ask for clarity.

Good luck

Mr. Charlie to be honest im so relieved that God sent you to me here and that we are in the same page exactly regarding of the users of the website, and about the company i meant you are right im sure that theyre just an agency just like most of the other companies here in the middle east just referral their business work to the leading advanced companies in US, UK or other leading high tech countries and add a commission on the real invoice price and charge the end user customer more money than its originally price, so i told my self try and go deal direct with the real website builders such as wix, weebly but no reply and i called but only voice mail and then i was lucky to find envato by chance in video tuts+ how to build your website. and thanks for the complement regarding the idea of the website i mean i know its a basic indeed and cant ignore their experience and other models like whitedatelabel stuff, as you mentioned earlier not be rush and i`ll try to get the more details and answers about this business deal soon. Thank you again sir

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