Buying Sweet Date theme

Hello, I do not know where else to post this or get support. I’m trying to purchase one of the “sweet date” dating site themes in this link below. The page says the site is not safe to put in info such as passwords and credit card number. Also the buy theme button for each theme displays a notification that says “Theme refused to connect.” Any help with this would be appreciated :

you can purchase from here. click ‘Add to Cart’ button from right side of this page:

Thanks for the response. That’s exactly where I went to buy it. When I clicked the Sweet date template, it then forwards to the 3 theme options. When I click the theme I want, I’m then forwarded to that selected theme page, which displays the security warning that appears in attachment n1. Attachment pic n1 is the actual theme that I want. When I click the “Buy theme” button on it, I get the n2 attachment page that says " refused to connect. So something is not working

from my side all is fine. I think firewal is preventing to do this.
in the first preview page is displaying 3 demos and all 3 demos has come with sweet date theme. So, if you purchase the htme from the link I have given you will get all those 3 demos to use for your website and you can go with any (you chose: With slider) of the 3 demos.

Ok thanks