Help resizing photoshop flyer to A5

Hi all,
I’m hoping that someone can help. I have bought a flyer and I did not see that it is A4. I need this to be reduced to A5. If I send the file (I am not an expert with photoshop and the author did try to help but I am not able) could you do this this? I would very much appreciate this.

Did you tried contacting the author of the item? I guess he can help you in a better way

hi mate thanks for replying
he did try to help but his instructions were not clear as his english is poor
it would take someone 2 minutes and i have tried since yesterday

It always surprises me how few seem to know the best way to do this. I’m always making A4 into A1. So the same will apply to A1 all the way to A5.
Ok this is what you do , very easy.
When you have finished modifying the template. save the A4 as a jpg like you normally would do, then create new document in photoshop. for a5, you would use 148 x 210 mm - 5.8 x 8.3 in, 300 dpi, Cmyk. now simply place your a4 inside that and transform the a4 until it fits the document. make sure you use the up arrow on left of keyboard whilst transforming. if you find that the width is slightly out when length is in place. just pull them out to the edge, you wont lose no quality or anything. hope this all does not sound to complicated cos it really is easy. if you was changing a4 to a1 same thing , just use 594 x 841 mm - 23.4 x 33.1 in. then save as a jpg. now you have an a1 poster :wink: remember the a4 was 300 dpi :slight_smile:

hi Michael, u can contact me if u wish, i will do for u

u personally described well what to do … but was it really necessary to disparage the guy who created the work that he bought … the guy said that is A4 and not A5, so he delivered a A4, there’s nothing wrong with what he did … now this is also clever from Michael just to come here and ask how to do instead of trying to blame the guy who he bought from, when the concerned guy has properly described the work that he uploaded …

besides, i personally do not see the interest to create a A1 to upload a A4 … that maybe useful once in a while, very scarcely … or maybe never , not to mention that creating a A1 takes very big medias and that all cannot afford this …

that would have been a good way indeed, we all try to give good support to people who buy from us , i guess the guy would not have minded about it

I already helped him with this Nico. :blush:

sorry Martin, did not understand about it , you are a nice guy , this is cool and community oriented , hopefully one day they will decorate u with the community super star badge :wink: (u may not recognize it at first but u’ll get used lol)

He contacted me with a private message and I helped him with it, so you couldn’t have known. :wink: Anyway nothing wrong with the conversation continuing. I’m afraid you’re a bit behind the times Nico, I got a community superstar badge a couple weeks ago on my exclusive account! :smiley: The top 10 people with the most forum posts (besides staff) were given one, and I came in at number ten! I’ve spent too much time on the forums. :smiley:

ow many did u have Martin?

congrats Marin, sorry, i am never checking these sorts of things but at least this time, someone who really deserves it has been rewarded and that makes me happy :wink:

I had about 4600 posts. The top was about 8000. It was a nice list to be part of. :smiley:

that’s a lot for sure … but u also joined in 2010, which is a long way , anyway, a guy who really deserved it finally got rewarded and that makes me happy :wink: maybe Shane and Nathanknght will be also at a time , we never know … hope so

Hopefully yes other helpful authors will be forum superstars at least. But being part of the community is it’s own reward. :smiley: Of course with the new forums it’s not clear how much “item discussion” there will be for us to find… :smiley: