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I’ve created a site using the Enfold Theme - however, when I go to Setting to change the Site Address to the name that I’ve purchased, the site just comes up with lines on the page?? Can you help me here. I’m happy to send you the details via a private chat. Thanks.

Check permalinks

Can you advise who I do that please?

Can you send me the login details via PM i will check it for you.

Apologies it looks like I typed something but didn’t send :frowning:
My Wordpress site is
When I go to General Setting in Enfold and then change the Site Address (URL):to (which is the site name I want people to see) something goes wrong.

  1. If I google it shows no results. I have to type the site address into google on the top left hand side of the page to find it. In other words google search doesn’t find it.
  2. When the page is displayed, I just see black lines.
  3. The page doesn’t show up at all on my mobile phone.
    Is this a PM? Let me know if you need more details. Thanks.

You need to point your domain DNS to your Cloud Hosting, then you need to install Theme on your Hosting together with your SQL database.

For the Google search resoults you need to submit your website via Google Webmaster Tools etc…
In one word it’s a lot of work…

Hmmm are there instructions anywhere how I can do all this stuff - I have absolutely no idea how to do this… If you could point me to some links, I’d be seriously grateful. Thanks

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