Help! Need advice on the correct theme for my business?

Hi all!

I’ve decided to start building my concierge website’s and I’m trying to find the correct theme with the best plugin solutions.

I’ve been recommended

X-Theme :

Jupiter x:

My goal is the following:

I have a concierge company with a black book of service providers. I would like to have a page for only admin/logged-in-user where you can see the service provider’s profile divided by service categories and access the service providers own catalogue of products/services.

What plugins and theme is best to build this type of website directory and catalogue?

Also, I would like to add to the service provider’s profile information about their company and more.

If it’s not possible, what could be the specific solutions for this?

Many thanks in advance! Help and guidance will help me a lot as I’m not a web designer and need to learn from tutorials.

Kind regards,