Help - My item’s been rejected and I’d really appreciate feedback

This was my attempt at creating a stock music track. It was hard rejected, and I’d appreciate feedback.
It was rejected on the grounds of commercial quality, having been temporarily held for further review. That gives me hope that I was on the right track, but as a beginner, there are clearly areas I need to improve on.

Here are the tracks: platinumreezy

I have looked at the various help topics, and listened to top selling tracks in a similar genre, and to my ears, the tracks are in the right ball park, but I guess ether the overall quality doesn’t stack up, or perhaps todays requirements have changed to those when the other tracks were originally submitted.
I’d really appreciate any feedback, especially if you think there are tweaks that could be made around the instrumentation, mixing or arrangement.
Thanks for reading.

Personally, I liked the music. But mixing and mastering is a problem. Bass overload and compression on the master bus. You may be missing good monitoring.