Help me about w-8 form


I am an egyptian freelancer
I tried to fill w-8 form to avoid deducting 30% of the use earnings but i don’t have itin number an don’t know what is tax treaty between eGypt & US … I don’t know what should i do ??

Please help!!

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A list of the applicable treaty royalty withholding tax rates can be foundHERE

For more details you should read this POST
under Non-US Author.

And moreover you should see question/answers by other authors and staff member HERE

There may be many authors under same situation. You many find your answer on what to do if you don’t have ITIN or any TAX ID issued in your country.

hi u need to fulfill a first form depending on what u need, ITIN, EIN or whatever and fulfill the w8 in your account and select foreign tax id an write “not provided” & wen u get your number u’ll have to resubmit again, select the right option and insert the number given for ITIN, EIN or whatever

Hi NileWorx, I am an egyptian freelancer as well… and now my local bank is asking me for w-8, S-3 and S-4. Any advise how to fill it?

If they’re asking you to fill something in, then they should help you with filling that thing in! Most of it is pretty self explanatory though.