w-8 form

Hi there,
I’m not a U.S person and I will not or are unable to provide a Tax Identity Number and also there isn’t a tax treaty between the USA and my country.
Could anyone be like my state help me and tell me if my answers in the form are true or not?

many thanks,

hi indeed, i am not sure that i could really understand what is your problem, but if i get it right , the tax number , u need to ask it to the IRS by fulfilling their form there. Once u fulfill the form properly, they will give u a number and u will be able to put it here … if u do not have any, u can still go on all the same but the thing is that u will automatically be considered as a us resident and they will take out 30% of your gain … as for the tax treaty, there is a convention, u can search it online, u will find it easily without a problem by googling tax treat with usa, u will get a list from the ira website where your country will be written