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I am seeking help in finding the correct theme for a customer. The customer is looking to build an online shop for electrical items. They are not interested in selling online at the moment its more like displaying the items/ products they are selling. Because of the competitive nature of where the business is located, they do not want to display the price of the product online. Also, they would like it if you view an item there would be a suggested items example (if you view a light bulb a suggested item would be a socket for that bulb). However, in the future, they will try to implement the option to purchase online just not right now. I would prefer a blue and red theme because that is the color of the customer logo.

The colours is just CSS so not a consideration for choosing s theme

If they plan to sell in the future online then the most sensible option would be to use a commerce theme (once created for selling items) and just temporarily hide the prices and shopping functionality.

That way you can leverage the back end functions around associated projects etc and when they are easy to sell stuff, just turn that function back on/unhide it.

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Thanks, I have interacted with a few themes that did not allow me to change the color which is why I ask.

my next questions are:

1: Can you point me to a theme that will allow me to change color?
2: And a theme that will allow me to disable all the online shopping features?

Unfortunately no one is going to be able to evaluate the thousands of items for sale in detail but changing colours and masking front end sales info is both very basic CSS on any theme.

As you customer what are you providing them?

If the type of code needed to change colours if not included in theme options is alien, then editing a commerce related website is going to be potentially tricky.

Your best option is to find one you think looks/feels right in general, ignoring the colours etc. for now, then contact the author to confirm the changes are possible (which they will be)

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Okay, thanks I will be doing this.


Your best bet is to use Prestashop - what you are looking for is called CATALOG MODE. In CATALOG MODE this will immediately disable all shopping options including the disabling the shopping cart, while keeping your site up on the internet. Then you look for a theme that works.

Your original questions and points were regardless of what colour scheme you then used were:

  1. You don’t want to display prices online and
  2. Suggested items for a product that someone views.

There are eccomerce sites that already use these kind of things - for example you need to login to view prices and there are WooCommerce options around.

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The client already has a site a developer started with WordPress/Woocommerce. That is what the client wants me to work with they do not want me to use new technology. But yes, you use the correct term for the mode I want, the Catalog Mode. I have contacted a few developers to ask them if their themes support this mode but have not gotten any response yet.

But if you know of any and can point me to them I would greatly appreciate it.

If they are already using WordPress (and assuming it’s WooCommerce and not another commerce solution) then I suggest reading this How to Use WooCommerce as a Catalog - WooCommerce

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@kemarnorton those links should help you - best wishes :slight_smile:

Thanks, guys I really appreciate your help.