Please recommend a theme. Part1

The theme I am looking for is a shopping mall type theme, and I am looking for a theme that can break down categories. A theme that specifies the first category and, accordingly, can be exposed as specified by subcategories. I don’t need to pay for it, but I hope we can only display the products in various ways. I hope we can distinguish special and general sales and list 6 to 10 items on the vertical line. I’d appreciate it if you could recommend it.

Do you have some example or link? From your description I cant understand what you need.


Please see the following site.

The menu bar and the middle search box are categorized, and if you press 1 and select one of them, the category specified in No. 2 will appear accordingly, and if you press the No. 2 option, the No. 3 category will be displayed.

It looks like an old site, but Koreans prefer to categorize it like this.

If there is such a theme, please recommend

2020년 3월 12일 (목) 오후 5:10, Zaccc via Envato Forums envato@discoursemail.com님이 작성:

You won’t find anything like this here

With respect it is nowhere near the standard for envato and as you rightfully said, it is quite outdated.


Thank you for reply.

There site image and visual is outdated.

But the key I’m talking about is the ability to specify categories.

There is no need for visuals and glamor.

Also, I was just asking if there is such a theme … ^^