Which theme should I use?


The theme I am looking for is a shopping mall type theme or any other possible theme. I am looking for a theme to categorize categories.
Themes that specify the first category can be exposed as specified in the subcategory. There is no need to actually make a payment at the shopping mall because it is a way to advertise the site and contact the buyer or seller who viewed it. Also I hope the product can be displayed in various ways. I hope to be able to separate special sales from regular sales and list 6 to 10 items on the vertical line. Even on a small screen on mobile, I want many products to be printed out so that buyers can see the goods quickly.

Please see the following site.


The menu bar and the middle search box are categorized, and if you press 1 and select one of them, the category specified in No. 2 will appear accordingly, and if you press the No. 2 option, the No. 3 category will be displayed.

It looks like an old site, but Koreans prefer to categorize it like this.

If there is such a theme, please recommend

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