Help! _MACOSX -- what does this mean?


I purchased an item on here and when I downloaded the file and extracted the contents, I noticed there was a folder called “_MACOSX” and it had a duplicate of all the files in the original folder, but they all had the _ before the name.

What is this for? Do I need to have all the files in the _MACOSX folder uploaded as well? Are they for mac computers??? I am lost


What was the file you purchased? Your not being very descriptive. Anyway, it actually sounds like there is a folder for WINDOWS and a folder specifically for MAC computers. You only need to use the files that will work according to your OS. If you have a Mac, use the files in the Mac folder. If you have Windows, use the files in the original folder.

// Benjamin Altiery –


Ok, thank you so much!


Uh. You are welcome.


Actually, that is incorrect.

When a user zips up a folder for packaging on OS X (Apple’s Operating System), by clicking compress through the contextual menu, the resulting archive (zip folder) has an extra folder called _MACOSX. It is created by Apple so spotlight can search the zip directory easy and faster.

This folder can be safety deleted or the developer can repackage on their Mac using dedicated archiving software. (Anything other than Mac’s built in option)

To other commenters, be sure when responding to posts you have actually examined the files in question, or start of by saying you are simply postulating as others may quickly think you know what you are talking about and not continue to research the real problem. Good luck!