Is this ok for AudioJungle: .DS_Store files included in zip archives on Mac

Hi everyone, wondering about the .DS_Store file included in a folder that gets compressed on a Mac.

Are zip folders accepted that contain this file, or do we need to take some step to delete the .DS_Store file before making a submission? This requires some kind of command in Mac’s terminal, I believe.

Thanks for any advice on this…

Do you ctrl-click and compress the files using the built-in zip function? If so, thats ok. Thats what I am doing, but have never noticed that file in my zip archives.

I think you worry a bit too much about the zip files here. :slight_smile: Just right click and compress and it’s totally fine.

Standard hidden files like .DS… that are present in every OS X folder are OK.

Cool. I really appreciate your responses… I just wasn’t sure. It’s good to know that these hidden files are ok to be included.