__MACOSX in zip file

I downloaded a free file of the month and found two folders: regular Windows folder and __MACOSX folder.
I know when I upload songs I make only windows files. The question is are those __MACOSX folders added by envato or are we supposed to provide both?

what’s different between windows and mac files?

It’s nothing provided by envato. :smile:
Generally speaking, this folder is always added by Mac OS, when you save anything to the hard drive. It’s not visible on Mac, as it’s like temporary stuff, but on Windows it is. You can delete that file, it’s just garbage



So what do I upload from my Windows? Just regular files in a zip file? And when customer downloads it he gets this __MACOSX folder as a bonus so to say in case he is running a Mac computer?

perfect explanation and answer Alex :wink:

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It’s a not a bonus actually LOL

When a Windows Author uploads his item into the market, he uploads some kind of structure of the files (also some temporary garbage files that are hidden in the system). It’s visible on Mac and on Windows the same way, without the hidden temporary files.

When a Mac Author upload his item into the market, he uploads similar structure of files. Let’s say a PSD file + help file, right?

On Mac it’s still visible the same way as PSD + help file, on Windows you will get PSD, help file + __MACOSX. Windows will show you all the files as default and doesn’t understand that it’s the garbage and doesn’t hide that.

Summing up, you shouldn’t bother yourself :slight_smile:

OK, that part I understand :slight_smile: