Hello “Music Kits,” goodbye “Source Files”

With our exciting announcement about the brand new “Music Kits” category, it’s also time that we say goodbye to “Source Files” on AudioJungle.

With a history of both low submissions and low sales, it’s clear that Source Files are ultimately not the best fit for our market. While in some ways more flexible than regular music, the advanced skillset and highly specific / diverse software requirements needed in order to effectively use these items made them a challenge for general buyers, who we have seen are much more interested in production-ready music for their projects.

The good news is that with Music Kits, we’ve worked to combine the best of both worlds here, and create a more universal and ready-to-use music offering that also lends the kind of extra flexibility that previously only Source Files could provide.

As of today, we will be closing the Source Files category from any new item submissions. The existing Source Files items will remain live on the marketplace while we make preparations to officially retire the category in the coming months. Authors and buyers of existing Source Files items will be contacted directly with additional details as they become available.


This is great news! It was suggested few months ago and now it here!

Excellent move, I like this very much !!!

So what are music kits?

Hey @WorldBeyond

If we could keep this thread focused on Source Files questions that would be great!

I’ll post some more authoring details in our Music Kits discussion here: Introducing “Music Kits” on AudioJungle

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Are we allowed to upload existing tracks which are already in our portfolio as kits? Or do we have to upload new, fresh tracks?

Well I should have read the info first! :smiley: I 've got the answer… :smiley:


Good idea, but I’m still not sure videomakers will put the sections in the RIGHT TEMPO :wink:

Just joking

OK! thank you, Eric!

Continuing the discussion from Hello “Music Kits,” goodbye “Source Files”:

I think yes, we are allowed to upload existing tracks. Check music kits category, there are tracks from top sellers which are on audiojungle before. I.e. “midnight in tokyo” by BlueFoxMusic, everybody know this track.

I have to say, this is really step forward on Envato market and this will give us a new dimension to our work :smile:

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What is the main reason for you removing source files, I always thought that it was a great part of Audiojungle.

Another idea that might work well was to do something like Native Instruments Stems. It is about to sell individual separated channels tracks in a pack. So the video creator can choose for instance create an ambient edit just muting drums for instance.
There was the Miscellaneous section with just two items showing something like this…
But let’s see how musik kits works

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