Crazy idea. Replace Source Files with Music Playlists

I just read a thread from 2015: Hello “Music Kits,” goodbye “Source Files” that Music Kits were intended to replace source files. Which have happended. It also says that Source Files are meant to retire the following months after the post in the 2015. Still the category is hanging around like a ghost.

What about replacing this premium website space with Music Playlists?
Either curated smaller number of tracks by Envato, rotating every month or every 2nd month.
Or as simple as letting every author contribute with a limit of 1-3 tracks which they replace/rotate as they like. A bit similiar like it´s being done here at the moment—> Best Curated Tracks Sorted by Categories (Fast Search)

I´m thinking a smaller number of tracks, like when Envato has 300 tracks in Audio sales campaign etc. I think many customers certainly would love browsing handpicked playlists.

What do you people think?


What is it? This is not an official topic. Best Curated Tracks Sorted by Categories (Fast Search)
I just created a theme for zeros? By the way there have already sold 1 track or more( I did not count).

I would like to include it, too. Phoenix or Forgotten Music

I will support this topic if my topic is also will be included in this “Curated Playlists”. :wink: (in my topic, the authors also did not just waste their energy, searched and gave links). :blush:

But you need to ask to create an official topic(or reissue as official if Envato support). Maybe someone from Envato or someone from the reviewers.


Curated Playlist simply means selected or handpicked Playlist.

We can ask Envato crew later. Right now I think authors can brainstorm ideas or show support by entering +1

The idea of music playlist is old here on the forum and have been raised before, so my suggestion is just to clean away source files and insert official music playlists in there instead:

It is not necessary to remove the old column. Maybe someone still buys them? I think need to create a new column.

Could also be just a new column yes. I doubt there are many customers buying Source files anymore, just have a look at the popular items there.

Well … also true. The sources files are outdated, I agree. They are not needed.

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The latest file is October 9, 2015. Musical trends have changed 100 times. More than 3 years have passed, I support the removal or replacement of this unnecessary category. Most likely, this category was bought mainly by the novice authors. Musical trends are other now. I don’t think anyone else needs this.
Yes, I apologize to the authors, whose files are in this category, because they have spent their time, mind, talent and energy for this job.(I support them, but this category in my opinion is not rentable now)
Respect to the authors of the “source files”! :wink:

It´s interesting to discuss potential problems and challenges if people have thoughts.

A challenge to figure out is how the music tracks should be sorted in a playlist. Definitely not by sales number in my opinion. Rather just show up randomised in each music genre for example.

Another challenge is IF there should be authors selecting themselves, it would probably need to be some kind of author limit to this sooner or later. The whole point is that the music playlists should not be to big.

Source Files does not necessarily need to be removed, can also just place them here instead for example:

Better to remove.

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@MojoSoundtrackMusic good Idea


Not crazy at all. That’s what most music libraries do instead of “top seller” lists. Using the source files spot for creating a new section dedicated to playlists seems like a good idea. Putting them squarely on the front page and pushing them as the main showcase would be even better.

Go to any major music licensing site and you will see playlists being emphasized, not e-commerce style top seller or featured lists. In fact, I would remove the top seller and featured track lists in favor of playlists. Lists based on sales influence the customer into licensing specific songs. Because they are placed upfront, they get more exposure and continue to sell over and over again. Hence, there’s an unnatural “trend” caused by the fact that many customers will just buy from that list rather than search a labyrinth of tracks all named Epic, The Epic, The Epicness, etc - with no upfront descriptions. Top seller lists also influence composers to keep writing the same cookie cutter tracks over and over again. They are just bad all around and I’d eliminate that and long term featured tracks that stay on the front page for weeks. For music licensing purposes, these type of lists cause uneven sales, and hinder composer creativity. They basically hurt more than they help. If you must have a monthly top seller list, I would just make it another playlist and put in the proper perspective. Some top libraries have done that. Just make it one of many playlists, and NOT the first playlist.

Playlists aren’t pushing specific songs as much as offering suggestions of what could work for specific needs, regardless of how well they may have sold in the past. They can either be curated or randomized. I would go with randomized on sites where all the music is already well curated and there are no lame tracks in the library. I’d go with curated if that’s not the case and the site needs to showcase their best tracks within the playlist categories. BUT, I wouldn’t leave a playlist with the same tracks for more than a week at a time and I’d randomize the order.

As for natural trends, they change, don’t they? Does that happen because the customers all suddenly decided they like a handful of songs on one licensing site, or because they heard something new that was good and started appearing in other productions? For them to hear something new, you have to show them new material, not the same material over and over again. Rotating playlists not only do that, they also work as helpful search aides. And when you site is more helpful to customers, you get more customers and more sales.

Here are some navigation examples from major music licensing sites:


Am I taking the crazy pills or does this actually make 100% sense?

BTW there have been 1 sale for Source Files last week, killing it on the popular items list all alone. So I think it´s safe to say that Source Files could be cleaned away or simply moved to a less visible space for the especially interested.