Have no idea what I am doing and may have a complete breakdown


I am not even sure if I am posting this to the right area. I am completely lost. I somehow volunteered to design a magazine and a flyer for our organization. I was told by a youtube channel this is where to join for a monthly fee and there’s a million courses or what have you to help teach me how to take my content and turn it into something neat. Anyway, I joined and keep getting lost on the site. I’m sure the site is great it’s just I am completely computer illiterate. I am looking for a course on magazine design which I can kinda find but I am also looking for a Photoshop basics course and cant seem to work the search function very well. So anyway, basically I am looking for someone that understands the site and how to navigate for me to bug 100 times to find what I am looking for. All I got at the moment is a flyer and magazine I need to layout. If you have the time and knowledge PLEASE HELP!!!


Hello :smiley:

I can sympathize. Opening PhotoShop for the first time is a very nerve wracking experience.

I’ll move this thread over to our Courses and Tutorials section and maybe someone from the Tuts+ side can help you find a good introductory course :smiley:

Please also check out - https://design.tutsplus.com/