Hard rejection to UI Kit without reasons

Hello everyone. We created really professional UI Kit with our design team. However, this morning we received hard rejection without any reason. How we can understand why it’s rejected? The design is pixel-perfect, component and variant based and has design system. It’s easy to edit and also reviewed our developers to keep it easy-to-code. It’s impossible to get rejection for any platform. How can I get an answer from ThemeForest theme as there is no contact way? Thanks!

Same question. I always got hard Reject without any reason. They don’t explain. Just say that we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward not quality. But why is this not a quality standard? All my items are pixel perfect and have unique designs.
I see many templates, the design is not very good, but they have been approved, why?
Dear ThemeForest, Please review well.

If you want feedback you need to share a demo/preview here


As it’s UI Kit, I don’t know how to share a demo. Are these images enough?

Unfortunately these images are impossible to comment on as you can’t see the detail in any of them.

Presumably when you submitted it, that was all the different designs individually, documentation, etc?

The one image here where we can see more detail (item page example) there is significant room for improvement in terms of the hierarchy and typography.

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That’s right but it’s not possible to show all details here. If you can share your email, I can invite you to Figma to check the design.

We shared the design, documentation and all promotional elements as requested.

I’d be happy to talk to you about UI/UX; but when I look at the other kits on sale, I don’t consider your comment quite accurate. This UI Kit has been prepared by a team that has developed more than 30 projects for international clients so far. While preparing this UI Kit, the most successful real e-commerce applications in the field, especially Zara, were examined. I’d really love to hear your feedback; but if you say it’s hard-rejected for this reason, I have to show you the other kits for sale and ask for your comments about them too.

Hey @charlie4282. Is there any progress on this topic? I really like to hear the reviewer’s feedback to fix them and publish the UI Kit. Because it’s not a 1-shot project. We’ll continue to create more kits and I’d like to publish in Envato Market too - in addition to others such as Creative Market, Uplabs, UI8 etc. I’m waiting for your feedback via here or directly to hey@etrexio.com. Thanks!

I’m not a reviewer so probably not the best person to advise

You have a very extensive set of assets and designs but you are competing with numerous already coded solutions of very high quality so it’s going to be a tough approval and probably limited sales.

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Understood, thanks for your interest. Do you know how I can get the reviewer’s feedback in this condition?

You’re right, it’ll not be easy. However, this project will be backed by our 15-person team including designers, developers, project managers and marketers. Considering that the following 2 kits, which I found in just 3 minutes, are accepted, I’d like to know the reason why we were hard-rejected. Competition and low sales are the problems we need to solve, as long as ThemeForest lets us go up for sale. I just need to find someone who can reply my questions. Thanks!

Unfortunately we do not have any more access to reviewers than you do, but these 2 sets highlight the problem - one has 11 sales in 2 years and the other only 30 in a similar time frame.

In a stock marketplace it’s not just about design/code to the expected standard, it’s also about sales potential, market value and competitiveness etc. the majority of buyers will come to Themeforest to finds a working solution rather than something (regardless of how good a design may be) that they then have to develop before being able to deploy.

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Thanks for your reply. Kindly check these designs and their quality. I have seen so many templates in
ThemeForest, that is not good quality and not responsive but those templates got approved. but I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Kindly check again. :slight_smile:

zoni: https://zoni-vue.vercel.app/demo
rongin: https://rongin-vue.vercel.app/
berfolio: https://berfolio-vue.vercel.app/


@etrexio this is a very hard category that is not really suited to a stock marketplace (even if you add up all the sales fro mall UI Figma items this year the total is not a big number).

@widethemes I can’t see item pages for any of those - what are the links to them on the marketplace rather than just the demo?

These are vue templates

What are the links to the items for sale on Themeforest?

Hello @charlie4282. Thanks for your help during the process. I also contacted Envato Support and they told me that it’s about the theme of the kit. However, just last week another e-commerce UI Kit (link below) is published on the marketplace.

I understand that trend themes have high acceptance rates, but E-commerce is a concept that has always existed and will continue to exist. Therefore, when a quality UI Kit arrives, I think it’s logical to accept, but in the end, I have no choice but to object.

Sample 1: Multipurpose eCommerce Mobile App UI Kit Figma Template - Zoopstore by The_Krishna
Sample 2: Skately - Ecommerce App Figma UI Template by themeix | ThemeForest

this is typical themeforest.
Looks like some from review team decides he doesn’t like that.
I don’t know other explanation.

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What is the reason of these rejections? Maybe the quality is still low.

We need more quality improvements.

I talked with ThemeForest support, however, they reject give reasons or feedback for the rejection. They told me that the quality might be good but the theme (E-commerce) is not considered as trend/popular.

Even though I showed an accepted E-commerce UI Kit just a week ago, they ignored it. Therefore, I recommend you check other marketplaces which give better customer support.