Seeking Feedback on Recent Hard Rejections (UI Kits)

Hi everyone,

I’m reaching out today to seek your help in understanding why my newest products have been consistently hard-rejected on Envato.

In the past three months, I’ve uploaded six high-quality UI kit templates, but unfortunately, they’ve all been rejected. This is particularly concerning because I have a total of 16 products in my shop with no prior hard rejections. Additionally, we’ve consciously aimed to elevate the quality of our newest products compared to our existing portfolio.

Here is several my rejected products:

  1. Saasly :[MASTER]---Saasly?type=design&node-id=3102%3A54399&mode=design&t=L3Rnje8m1IXmpkhk-1

  2. payrole :[THEMEFOREST]---Payrole?type=design&node-id=1%3A97&mode=design&t=ptUxk6xPUw44eFBv-1

  3. Showcasy :[THEMEFOREST]---Showcasy?type=design&node-id=0%3A1&mode=design&t=UihwXvhG6XQVQhXr-1

  4. Velvety (Latest) :[MASTER]---Velvety-product-marketing?type=design&mode=design&t=Z1ZqJjYXJ9ZFhhrm-0

I need the forum’s help, why do they reject my UI kits? How can I fill their ‘quality standard requirement’?