Hard Rejection. Looking for feedback and advice on how to improve.

Hello everyone, I just recently received an email letting me know that my song got rejected if anyone one of you guys would be so kind as to have a listen to it and let me know how I can improve it would be great help!

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Hi, I am new and still struggling also! I really like the trumpet, I guess it’s real. I think the song is good but maybe the sound of the piano needs to be real, or similar to a real piano, and so the strings. Also I think the main theme should be at the beginning, with a change, and then reappear at the end with a richer arrangement. I am new also, so…take my suggestions with a grain of salt :wink:

This is the thread that finally persuaded me not to dare submit any compositions. If that got rejected l stand no chance. Sounded absolutely flawless.