Hard rejection in HTML5 Template, even 3 times uploaded with end-to-end Envato policy matching

Hello Envato, My HTML5 Template is hard rejected, I have uploaded 3 times with end-to-end Envato policy, we are not understanding whats the mistake, even Envato is not specify the reason. So, please help.
This is my demo url


It is not bad, it is just a bit too generic and doesn’t bring anything new what we haven’t already seen hundreds of times already. You need to put more effort into it. Here are some tips:

  • That shape at the bottom of the hero image do not scale on big displays
  • The typography in the hero image and especially the text animation looks very cheap an boring
  • Put more effort into your copy text, putting just “Lorem Ipsum” everywhere feels super lazy
  • Typography is very basic, try to experiment with a bit more interesting font or style
  • I am not sure about your main accent color, it seems way too bright for eyes
  • Blog detail page looks unfinished

Those are only few things I’ve noticed upon quickly looking over your site, I am sure there are much more stuff which will need your attention though. You should take a very good look at recently approved bestsellers in your category and try to reach their quality.

Hello @LSVRthemes,
Thanks for your reply and I appreciate it. We will definitely work on your mentioned points.
You checked front-end of my template design. But we just want to know whats the reason of hard rejection towards like professional coding of HTML/CSS, Script coding, etc.

So could you please review and find the reason of hard rejection.


Hard rejection is almost always caused by not good enough design, you should focus on that first. Issues in the code usually results only in soft rejection.


Like @LSVRthemes said, the main reason is design. Coding is pretty secondary as long as you follow the guidelines.

So you can get the most of yourself and reach a higher level, I’ll be a bit harsher than my colleague.

I don’t like it because it feels too generic. However a lot of free themes do better in the same category. Although I didn’t inspect, coding skills seem pretty solid but the end product greatly lacks personality and aesthetics. The primary color is bad. You should probably try to desaturate it. Remember that all screens do not render colors the same way. This one seems totally unsafe. You don’t take any risks in your design nore offer some creative and original setups, it’s just a succession of UI elements with poor imagery. Yes, images that you choose matter and should be picked carefully. The visual hierarchy is messed up and the typography clearly needs a lot of work. Overall it lacks a lot of attention to details.

TF is a very competitive marketplace, you need to create something that will sell. You seem to have a solid coding basis as the template is clean with no major flaws. But it’s simply not at the expected level of creativity and originality.

Keep up working, read a lot, get inspiration and you’ll get there eventually.


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