HTML template got hard reject, Need reason & how to improve it!

My HTML template has recently undergone its first submission, but unfortunately, it was rejected by the Envato reviewer. Despite dedicating months to analyzing the Envato forum’s guidelines, the model I believed to be perfect did not meet their standards. I would greatly appreciate professional feedback on what areas need improvement to enhance my template’s quality and ensure future successful submissions.

Design is quite dated

Especially needs improvement in typography and hierarchy

Copy and paste service detail page feels lazy

Avoid copy pasting content from home page and other pages without making it unique and relevant

Thank You for reply


With respect, I have one question to ask you, Is this coding seem good?

Without deep diving into it its looks not bad

Thank you,

Can help me to develop an HTML template for ThemeForest approval?


It’s not a bad theme template but as @charlie4282 says it needs quite a bit of polishing - copy and paste same text just makes it look like you didn’t care enough (which probably isn’t true) but that is how it might come across to the reviewer. The map on the contact page is poor - in fact I am surprised that authors still keep using Google Maps when Google want to charge for their use. Jump to top button right align - not left - most people are using to seeing it on the right hand side.

Coding looks okay.

Don’t give up - just see what does sell on Envato and then try to top that!

Thank you Response Sir