Hard Rejection! Illustration (Sticker) NEED HELP

Hi dear ones!
I have upload my illustration New Year Sticker on envato

i got rejected mail with no explanation could anyone help me with that, any advice please? Your help/suggestions will be very helpful for me in future please!

It’s hard to read. That is first thing that comes to my mind - I had to look longer to figure out there was ‘2017’. It shouldn’t look like a maze. The design seems all over the place for me. Like this swirl doesn’t match the rest of the graphic.
I just don’t dig it, ya know? Like I don’t even know where I would use it even though it’s Christmas theme.
You have to work on your design consistency, it should match all together just fine. Look up on other marketplace items. Good luck :slight_smile:

Thank you ALdesigns for you valued feedback! :slight_smile:

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