Hard rejection - Free images?

Hi guys,

I hope this time I’ll receive some clear information about hard rejections while using free images from website like Pixabay or Visual Hunt.

I received an hard rejection for this flyer:


Now, the pineapple image is a royalty free picture from Pixabay. I didn’t include the photo in the main file but I provided the link in the Instruction file. Is this the right procedure? Should I include the photo in the main file?
Please, can someone explain to me how I need to use royalty free images in our templates? This is not the first time that I use a free image, and I receive an hard rejection.
I think the design it’s good enough to be accepted and I sense that the main problem is about the picture on the background.

Hope someone can help me.

Why did you decide that the reason of reject is a not licensed photo?
Sorry, but I see that the reason of reject is low quality of design.

  • it’s boring
  • photo filters look dirty
  • there is no main object of the composition
  • the distance between “summer” & “party” lines is too big
  • blots on the sky look like a gloomy rain clouds

You need to improve a lot here. Good luck :wink:

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“low quality of design”, well, I don’t agree with your statement… anyway, the main subject of my topic was about the right procedure in using non licensed photo. Take a look on my other (boring?) Work, and you’ll see that no one includes a non licensed photo. Everytime I use one, I got rejected.

I see that you see what you want to see. So why did you asked about reject if you don’t care about other authors opinion?
Anyway, it’s your choice. Continue not to understand the reason of rejection :wink:

No you should never include images (regardless of free or otherwise) in the download version

With respect, I really don’t think the image is your issue here, there is definitely room for improvement with typography and hierarchy. This is a super crowded category and designs really need to be flawless now


Of course I can improve the design and I will, but I don’t like the way you express yourself, especially when you don’t help me with the main subject. Anyway, someone else did for me.

Thank you very much for your feedback.

I do. Because I see that the main subject of reject is not a used photo. It’s my opinion. And I wrote a detailed list of problems. It’s your right not to listen to my opinion.

Friend, I did not in any way try to offend you. Just wanted to help and point out the mistakes. Wish you all the best & growing of your skills :slight_smile: :fist_right::fist_left:

Are you sure? I don’t know what about GraphicRiver, but what about Videohive: I saw a lot of projects what include the same textures from free stock sites. Is there any difference between GraphicRiver & Videohive? @charlie4282 Can you explain please? Thanks :slight_smile:

Themeforest and graphicriver should exclude images.

I am not at all familiar with videohive - maybe @SpaceStockFootage might know more

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