Flyer hard rejected - need advice

Hi guys,

I received an hard rejection for a flyer template:


The image I used was not included in the file but I provided a link in the main file. It’s a free image that I took on VisualHunt.

Could you please give me you feedback about? :star:


hey buddy your screenshots are not being displayed … are to help u if so lol

Hey bro!

I think images has been removed.
Here the screenshots:

Everytime I upload some work with color variations, I receive hard rejections and I don’t know why. I used Photo filter as separate layers.
Maybe the free image must be included in the main files?

I really appreciate you feedback.

well indeed, i like what u have done … to be honest this is far from being unique as lots of things in this style are created indeed, but the thing is that they keep on accepting a whole lot of them … this is true that some of them are better but some others are also clearly not in my view … i think that without being “revolutionnary” your item is fair … now maybe they may feel that the typo part is not good enough for them … here typo is almost the nly thing that matters (very discussable, but this is the way it is …). As for me i tend to believe that u have harmony in colors and a good hierarchy of information that the whole is tasteful and i have seen very much more average make it …

as for the issue of color variations, i do not think that it can be somehow some way related … though , i may recommend u to to select 2 and not over three among the very best color variations so that it does not change the good impression that people may have about your item, as this is quite difficult to have something that work in all colors anyway … especially when u are blending things

finally maybe they would have been waiting for the central triangles to be a bit more punchy or outstanding as this is central elements and this may be supposed to pop out so to speak … but as for me i do not think there is anything shocking with what u have done this far, i would just take out the brush in the right side that makes the item lose a bit in terms of symetry and is bringing something not completely harmonious at the same time

i tried to help but quite frankly this is sometimes difficult to get to know what is supposed to be the “problem” about a design, especially as there is an artistic part in what we do that either cannot be explained and most importantly which is subjective and that , thus, some people may like or not …

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Many thanks for advices :slight_smile:

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