Poster hard rejected, need advice

hi guys,
I received an hard rejection (quality standard required) for a poster template:

I received many others rejections on envato but I must admit that this time I feel really frustrated…
I don’t know what can I improve and that’s why I ask you give me some advices/opinions about.

Just a couple of thing that maybe caused the hard rejection:

  1. The color variations has been setted with the “Hue/Saturation” levels, so there is just one PSD file. Maybe I must use a different methos for color variations?

  2. The Buddha statue is an image from shutterstock that it’s not included in the main folder. I provided the link in the help file. The customer just need to buy it and replace the existing template image. I used a vector mask to block out the statue shape.

I had so much hopes for this approval, so I hope now to get helpful comments from the community :sparkles:

See you…

  1. bad colors, you can use kuler colors for better colors the flyer, link is:
  2. No use photos shutterstock because not is free photos, you can use photos free like as,, etc search google free photos.

Good luck regards.

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I would say serious heirachy text issues, and the design being a bit dull were the main reasons for the rejection?

Maybe the budda not being included, but l tend to buy my elements in bulk, so don’t have that issue.

I can’t say were, but if you google it, the two biggest ones will show up.


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Hi, thanks for advices. Anyway, I’m not quite sure that using free image will be accepted…

Thank dude!

So you think that I need to improve text heirarchy? So, what you think I must change?

About the image not included. Do you think that using free stock photos will not cause an hard rejection?
And about color variations, do you think that Hue/Saturation level are not considered a good method from reviewers?

Thank in advance for reply

Text heirachy needs to be oval shaped, etc, and broken up by some graphic element if not.

Just study other accepted flyers, and you will see that no one has one word then 10 below it and then one or two words below that, and then 10 below that,(guaranteed rejection if they did).

Free stock photos, just as long as it is open rights, (or the usage limit is substantial and specified) won’t make any difference to it being rejected.

Hue/Sat should not make any difference to acceptability of work, it is the work overall that makes or brakes the flyer.

Good luck.



Very well explained @tmcom.

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Just to be sure,you mean that the party title “Chilling Buddha” should be typed on the same line?

The main header is fine it is the two text blocks below it that aren’t.


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Well well… To do so, I need to change the graphics structure by completely. A centered one. So the statue in the center and others elements too. It’s a shame because the poster will be completely different. Anyway, if this give me a chance to get approval, I will do this.


No, you can leave the background elements where they are, but the text blocks need to be in line.

So for example

you are currently doing this
which is
a ticket to a hard rejection


Chance it to
This format and
All if fine


You can also
Do it this way, and
This will also pass, the mods


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Ok, thank you so much for advices!

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No way guys…
Even with corrections and you advices @tmcom the poster has been rejected.
It must be something that they really dislikes, because the reviewing time was really fast. I uploaded the poster last thuesday and yesterday (01:51 pm) I received the hard rejection mail.

Maybe the colors, or, at this point, the Shutterstock image. Anyway I used some shutterstock photo in some flyers that they been accepted.

I’d really appreciate if you can give me some advices on this last version. :sparkles:

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I told you that bad colors and you need used images free but it’s shutterstock.

You model need used also free is

Yep, most of the time when something gets rejected it won’t be accepted.

I have produced almost 100 flyers and only got a handful accepted the second time through, (even with substantial changes, which l did most of the time).

Best to clock this up, and try again, (and reduce your font styles, it might help).


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In fact, I submitted e new (and last) version, and review timing was really fast.

This time I used a free licensed image and consistent improvements been made, but no way to get approval.

It make me so sick… I feel so frustrated because, I don’t think reviewer spend so much time on this. He just saw something similar and he gave an hard rejection. If a work like this can’t be accepted, I really don’t know how I will be motivated for next times.

Have a nice day anyway, and many thanks for spending your time. @tmcom

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Who they are to reject our Items? They know what type of hard work we do for this?

well, I think that in the specific case, reviewer just saw something similar to previous rejected items and just trash it directly. Anyway, it is possible that the Buddha Bar concept it’s a little bit “has been” (old concept). Otherwise, I really don’t know why they rejected this item in particular. :sparkles: