Hard Rejected, Please give me feedback

hi there ,
I have recently submitted my Laravel based Ecommerce item to Codecanyon,
the item as hard rejected and Envato Quality team reviewer give the following comment

---------------------------Reviewer Comment------------------------------

Unfortunately, I feel your item, in its current state, looks and behaves in a rather generic manner. With more unique features, I’d definitely be happy to take another look at this.

---------------------------Reviewer Comment------------------------------

This is my Item: https://olivesoft.website/cartex/

Please Help me.
Any advice or feedback would be really appreciated.

Thank you.

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It means that there is little reason why buyers on Envato would choose your item instead of one of the several WooCommerce-based solutions already available. WooCommerce is certainly above the quality of your item (from a code point of view), therefore it can only be accepted from Envato if you add something unique.

Before sending it to Envato, ask yourself, would you buy it?

We (Honeyside) only plan to publish items that we ourselves would buy if they were developed by someone else.


Sorry to hear this and I feel your pain. The good news is that you got feedback and have a chance to resubmit. That’s a definite plus and I would recommend polishing a bit. I got a hard rejection on my plugin with absolutely no feedback, despite it being better than quite a few similar plugins, but so it goes with Envato. I spent $5k developing my plugin and was told I have no ability to resubmit, no feedback on why, just “sorry loser!” heh. Oh well. I’ve had multiple plugin accepted, and have done very well in a previous account (associated with a business I ultimately sold), but the review process seems entirely subjective based on the reviewer, which is frustrating when you get a full stop rejection.

So again in your case, I’d take the advice to heart and see where you can improve. Personally I feel the theme you linked to is somewhat outdated, so I’d look into upping the style and polish to match modern standards. You have a window to resubmit, and your reviewer was kind enough to offer honest feedback, so that’s a definite plus that wasn’t given to me. Still not fun, but at least there’s that positive aspect to it. Good luck and hope it gets approved eventually!


Thanks for your feedback. Yes i realise this and already polish and make new look. Hopefully it will be approve.

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Thanks for your feedback . Now i polish design and make new look . Hopefully it will be approve.

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I agree with you, the review process is very bad. My item was rejected also with no feedback at all. 3 years ago I sold 60 of it and buyers where very happy with it.The reviewer has to have knowledge of how to test a PHP application.

And why can’t we reply on a rejection, Envato ?

SmartSoftSolutions, you definitely have to resubmit. Good luck!

Agreed, it’s far too biased based on whichever reviewer you get. With my previous business (which I’ve since sold) the approval process was entirely random. If I receive a note that my plugin does not meet their standards of quality, then why not give me feedback on what I can do to improve it? The “Hard Reject” with no option to resubmit is brutal, and honestly a terrible business practice. Many developer spend thousands of dollars in developing these plugins, with a large chunk of income on the line, so it’s extremely insensitive to authors, especially those with years of contributions. Envato has made over $34k off of my sales, so a little grace would be nice. Here’s the demo of the plugin that got rejected by the way, and again, no feedback as to why: http://mybrindle.com/brindle-booking-demo/

It’s not perfect of course, but a far cry better than many other plugins on the marketplace ¯_(ツ)_/¯

thanks for your reply