Hard rejected , need help

This is my new template which was hard rejected recently.
Here is the link - LINK
please give me suggestion and screenshot,where i should make changes.thanks

@mixturethemes @unlockdesign @JeriTeam need your opinion please.

It’s all about Typography man, Typography. :wink:

There is no other problem ? only typography would cost me hard reject ?

I think the main reason is typography & Color combination also.

more research try with redesign hope will helpful.

Good Luck.

Yes, Typography is 95% of web design bro. :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your help. So i have some questions about typography ! can you suggest me some helpful article ?

  1. which font size is best for heading and paragraph ?
  2. what about font weight and letter spacing ?
  3. what about line height ?

I have another important problem. my themes have been soft rejected because my theme is far too similar to the existing items in the market. but as example , a personal template should contain home,about,portfolio,blog and contact section. how much unique i can make this ? what is the solution to this ? i am suffering to this problem through 1 month :frowning: please help. @mixturethemes

You should create some unique layouts and animations, it’s not about pages.

I do also suggest you that You should create some unique layouts and animations and style.