Hard rejected template. Need some help to improve

Got hard rejected. I don’t understand why. Please help me.
Here’s the demo:

Hi… I like the theme a lot… but am not to keen on the color. Also the shadows kind of date the concept a little…

Perhaps you could work on the following:

  1. Spacing - The spacing on your grid is very tight and does not allow it to breathe. a little cramped
  2. When I am selecting the radius buttons in the center of the page, so that I can go ahead and cycle through the pictures it gives me a loading gif and that should be fairly quick as a slider…
  3. The “our partners” could be spaced further away from the “contact” / “about us” pages
  4. Perhaps the typography can be changed up a little especially on the H1, H4
  5. Consistency also could be carried through into the portfolio as it does not carry the same type of attributes and is a little tight in spacing.

There are other things to that need to be addressed… but these are some that stood out to me right off the bat… You have done a great job, but perhaps you can change it up a little as there are similar items on the marketplace that look like yours, so they may reject it on those grounds… Also look into validation and make sure that it validates…

Keep up the great work…



Thanks for your review. But I didn’t really understand a few things:

  • What exactly did you not like about the color? Is not not enough saturated or is it the background gray color?
  • I’m not sure what you meant by your second point.
  • Do you think my H1, H4 headers are small or big or something else?

Yes, i think a will change the portfolio for consistency purposes a bit. Also, as i’ve understood i need to change my layout as it reminds of some other templates out there. I presume this is the main reason i got rejected.