Hard rejected logo.

Hello friends!
I created this logo project and uploaded but it was hard rejected.
Can you help me to understand what is wrong with it please?

  • looks gloomy (especial green version)
  • camera is static. (where is some zoom or wiggle when the waves explode?)
  • the logo appearance effect is outdated and does not look harmonious with smoke waves
  • logo appears very slowly
  • fonts are outdated. italic style looks bad too
  • overall style is boring. I mean that this project does not have something unique. there are hundreds of similar projects of much higher quality on the market

Work on the mistakes, do not give up, and you will succeed :wink:

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ok. thanks :frowning:

Think crazy things, do crazy things. If you’re just getting started on envato, not necessarily as special, it needs to be different, in my own opinion.