Hard reject. Please help me!


My item was hard rejected.

Can you help me understand why my item was rejected and help me improve it?

Here’s my item:


At least your link should not lead to a private video if you want any feedback :wink:


Hi. First of all, Envato logo is outdated, use the updated version, anyway, this would be just a reason for a soft rejection, not hard I think. In my opinion, your project was rejected because of other reasons.

  • Background has too much visual attention to be so empty and bright, I guess it needs more details or/and less illumination.
  • I know it´s a robot, but animation should be smooth, motion it´s too robotic, even for a robot character.
  • If you make a robot character like this, it needs to be more realistic about details, textures, lights, shadows.
  • The reveal of the logo is way too simple and basic for a robot intro.

Just my opinion, hope it helps :+1:

  1. Animation for the character, camera and logo are very week according to 12 priciples of motion, there aren’t Anticipation, Follow Through & Overlapping Action , Slow In & Slow Out, Arcs, Secondary Action and Exaggeration…
  2. Unnatural and poor lights and shadow as you need some good PC specs.
  3. Poor Colors and textures you need to study colors theories well.
  4. I think you render it with element 3d , I am not sure but if so, you are not allowed to render with element 3d with out including it as a plugin in the uploading process.
  5. Envato logo is old and simple .