Hard rejected Item


Hi Guys! need help!
Hard rejected: samples,mixing,mastering.
any thoughts?


but perfect! I like :wink:


perhaps watermark low volume, but really i don´t know. Soft reject could help a lot in this case


Thanks who have any ideas more?


Is it fast version of “Lean On”… sounds so familiar.


I think the problem is to synths and melodies. Envato need more commercial tracks. Is not a label.
I suggest: Change first the synths and upload it again. If reject keep synths and change the melodies. If reject again… … Keep your track in your hard disk (archive) and continue with a new! : -)


Synth - did you mean strings?


For example the synth with melody you start at 0:04. Another sample is at 1:08. Maybe you need to use more professional samples. Just make some tries… : -)


so, mean strings. This is berlin strings - it’s 100 gb - it’s professional(i think) maybe i should mix them in different way - cinematic ellements - it’s my weak side


I don’t talk about background strings… For example at 0:04 you play a melody… Is guitar? This is a synth sample. No string sample or pad. Strings (background samples) are good!


Hm,at that case i will try to change my guitar rig preset - maybe it will help, then i will change guitar. Thanks. P.S. is it really clear that it’s not a real guitar)?


I think, the problem is not if guitar is coming from studio. There are many vsts with great guitar results!
No need to go to real studio to record a live guitar or synth to create the perfect track.
Just choose the “perfect” synths to create an harmony, when you compose a track. Hope you understand…


A few thoughts on the production - I think you could do with using more MOD control automation, they currently sound like a sustain patch, which has the characteristic swell at the start of every note before evening out and becoming static until the note ends. If you use modulation control/dynamics, they’ll move and breathe more, which makes a more realistic and more interesting string sound.

There’s something weird about your staccato samples, but I’m not quite able to pin-point it - are whole sections of it at velocity 127 or so? Again, they sound rather synthetic like they’re all one velocity.

The lead guitar sample/synth doesn’t sound great. I’m actually grooving with the melody just fine, but the sonic quality sounds like a bad guitar sample. Try experimenting with other options that are more exciting - either samples with more round robin, or trying a different synth sound.

The kick drum (perc in general, but especially the kick because it’s so prominent) also suffer from a similar sample quality issue.

Structurally, the track doesn’t change very much - does the 4 chord progression even change anywhere? That seems an awfully long time for 3.5 minutes. You could probably cut this in half and get to the more developed parts much quicker, or just cutting out the breakdowns that are just copy/paste of existing parts of the track. 2:28 onwards actually develops nicely I think.

Lastly, the ending chord is a bit strange to end on.

Try to imagine this on a video of some kind (or actually find a video you think this would be appropriate for, mute it, and watch it with your track playing at the same time). Do these videos ever fit with the type of breakdown you use? Or the ending? Or etc etc?

Sorry for the extremely long post.


actually thanks for so extremely long post=)))