Hard rejected i need the suggestions Thanks

Hi all,
i need the suggestion for this theme



You should check your template on mobile, texts are too small, hard to read

i have the same problem too.
my theme rejected today :frowning: if anyone have experience and have any advice what should i fix.
link here

check ur website before submit it …

  1. Remove the blue box when hover on logo
  2. Call to action boxes on ‘Last Minute’ and ‘Promotion’ add a border then use lighter box shadow transparency. add more padding
  3. Discount percentage need more styling (add text discount) Hover over cta box then display discount
  4. Tables need more styling … try #eeeeee for borders. I think its too dark
  5. footer bottom bar on the right is empty. Maybe add social icons there or menu ex. privacy policy, terms of use etc
  6. Nice that you added a weather page. Reduce background image opacity. Text are too small. High and lows can be styled with icons
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Thanks ravenasia good suggestions

Other reject ufff other suggestions please

other suggestions please

hi @ThemeOxygen how long the review process, for you’re themes

Boo i think 7/8 day

Hi there,

Can you guys please help us as well as we have the same problem, our theme is hard rejected several times, ant feedback is appreciated.

Here is our demo url:

Here is the link to our topic:

Please give us your valuable feedback so we can do something to get approved.


if you have the problem you need to open new Topic, dont write in my topic your problem