Hard reject for clean & light landing page

Hello guys,

I submitted a landing page 10 days ago, and yesterday i got hard reject.
can somebody tell me what can be the reason for that?

theme url: www.jobspoteu.com/agent-lp/

btw, the content and structure looks similar to one of my items :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, your work is a good inspiration :sweat_smile:
you think its because of the texts?

nope. but you need to fix the design a little bit. You’re almost there.

thanks for you replay. i really appreciate that.
can you be more specific where i went wrong with the design?
thanks. :smile:

I kinda like it. But the honest truth is that is not anything special. It’s way too simple.

I believe if you had used some other colour than black for your hero section would look much better. A brighter colour maybe. Also the text is really hard to read on mobile devices. The content is kinda dense. Try adding more white space and make the font bigger.

Finally check the business man image when viewport is on 990px and below. It doesn’t fit to the bottom.

Pixelosaur: thank you. i will check this ASAP.
Do you think anything else can be maybe the reason for hard reject?

You’re welcome!

Nope. That’s all I can think of. :smiley:

Hola, friends!

Can you guys please help us as well as we have the same problem, our theme is hard rejected several times, ant feedback is appreciated.

Here is our demo url:

Here is the link to our topic:

Please give us your valuable feedback so we can do something to get approved.