Theme soft rejected then hard rejected, please help

Hello, I submitted a personal blog theme, it was soft rejected, I resubmitted the theme, now it is hard rejected, can you help me improve the theme?
What’s wrong exactly?
Thank you a lot.

Menu and search does not work on the iPhone. Typography, contrast and tiny details should be improved :smile:

Thank you very much, I will try to improve the theme :slight_smile:

What was the rejection message. I could not find any major issues as such

Hi @drsankarl, I did not keep the message but it was the automated message during a hard reject.
I will improve it and submit it again, the big negative is that I will have to wait 11 days.

Not bad, however, please re-think the bottom instagram section as right now it’s unusable, the images are too tall and unreadable with a normal instagram account. You have a total of 5 per row with a height of 1080px. That’s not going to work. And I see you don’t have any limit either, so you don’t resize them at all.

You could also work a little bit on the typography, overall it doesn’t look bad, but it doesn’t take your eyes either… and with simple themes, it needs to be something really great in order to pass the review.

Hi @FinalDestiny, thank you very much, I write this on my list :slight_smile:
Thank you a lot :slight_smile: