Hard rejected HTML template! Need advices...

Project demo: http://dev.htmlprof.ru/webcoin/

I don’t understand why hard rejected? ;(

Please, somebody help me and give your advice :slight_smile:

any suggestions?

Hello, your template is not bad, but nowadays, not bad is not enough for ThemeForest. First of all, it seems to be a one page template without any variations, blog pages, features page, about and so on …

By chosing to submit a one pager, vou’ve limited your chances of success. I know there are a lot of other one pagers, but Envato tend to reject the new ones these times, as you are not the first one i encounter who experienced it. Also:

  • There are parts where you can definitly improve the typography and the layout.
  • Cards have too much border radius i think
  • Typography hierarchy can be reworked a bit for certain parts
  • There is no brand in your navbar, kinf of unusual
  • You keep repeating the same card pattern with “Benefits”, “Our Team” and “Our Advisors”. Try to vary the way you display content.
  • Some minor spacing issues, but overall it’s quite consistent
  • Global lack of aesthetics (with however a good design concept as a starting point). Still needs to be refined and polished.
  • Give more attention to details
  • Create much more than one page (customers want to buy full featured products)

That is all for now, i think you have to work harder to be approved, but just ask yourself one more thing : Is it worth coding a cryptocurrency template right now ? i mean, there are already loads of them that just popped out on TF but only a few of them have sales, beside 2 or 3 that are popular and making decent sales. Also, regarding the recent collapse of the cryptocurrencies values plus Google and Facebook forbidding ADS for cryptocurrencies, future isn’t so bright anymore.

So ask yourself if you are coding a product that will make sales or just wasting your time and money.

Hope i could help you a bit, Regards.

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Thanks for your reply and your time that you spend for review!

Variations it’s good thing, I think this’s a main issue. I know that cryptocurrency theme is not so profitable, but anyway :slight_smile: It was first item and next time I think about it.


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Shadows are too strong.

Your design is too basic bad colors, shadow, typography, too spacing etc, you need practice more.