Hard Reject PSD template need feedback

I have created 4 PSD files of Coming Soon Templates. I submitted my project following every guideline.
I got an hard rejection from themeforest. PSD are well organised, grouped into folders, coloured and arranged into logical order. Can someone review my PSD files and give me some feedback.

Hello, the problem is not with the PSD files and your layer organisation but with the design. It needs a lot of improvements, because currently it’s very basic and this is not enough nowadays to get approved on Evnato Market.
Try and make the layout more interesting, add more variations, for example light theme/dark theme. improve the typography as well. Those are my suggestions.

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Thank you so much for your time and reply. Appreciate it.

hi u can rest assured, hard rejections are not the result of layer organization or that kind of stuff, normally this is not happening … people would soft reject your item and offer u to fix things if they are interested in your template …
the fact of the matter is that the rejection is justified by many things indeed.
1- contrast
indeed, in many cases, the text is placed on a background where this is not sufficiently outstanding … putting text on image is not very much of a good idea in a general way but even less when the font is not bold enough or differing enough when it comes to the color u used …
kep in mind that contrast is not a small deal, this is a basic design principle and violating such a rule basically means trouble …
2- readability
this is somewhat linked to point 1 … the lack boldness and contrast , among other things means that the text is neither being easily readable which is wrong since what is the purpose of the concerned text and even document if the information is hardly being seen, nor is this outstanding as expected too …
this takes me to point 3
3- hierarchy …
the hierarchy is not completely off but this is not as strong as it should be ,. primary and secondary information should be clearly identified and having graduations, the introduction of more variations , font combinations and touches of originality would help …
4- typo
this is not really coherent what u have here , in termes of pairings , this is would be better to have more squared font combinations or more rounded combos, not mixing both … in addition, as evoked there is a need for more variations, combinations and originality touched , since expectations are high in terms of typo in GR , this is probably the main focus …
5- lines
they may be a bit too thin are not super visible
6- the call for action button
the orange is a harmonious choice but this is not really calling to hitting it … u need to something more punchy …

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Thank you so much for your reply.
Much appreciated.
I really need these suggestions.

i tried my best to help, as i usually mention the best way to make sure at 100% what was the reason, would have been to able to be told by the reviewer but as this is not possible, i used my long term professional experience to tell u what could be improved. If u have enough clues as regard to how to take your game to the next level, pls check the "solution " box , good work and good luck :slight_smile:

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