Hard Reject My All Template

Recently I Submit my first template but they gave a hard rejection.

Template URL: http://demo.epilogtheme.com/mightshop-html

Note: Total HTML, XD and Figma Almost 6-7 Template Was Rejected. :frowning: :frowning: :sleepy:

You are an exclusive author and also selling this on another marketplace - it will never be accepted while breaching your author agreement with envato

When Reject this template then i will upload another marketplace. Its wrong ?

Depends on the marketplace and the author agreement but for envato you cannot be exclusive and sell elsewhere

@charlie4282 rejected template can’t sale another marketplace?

You are selling the exact same template on another marketplace.

This will potentially be a reason for rejection here. You cannot be an exclusive author here and sell the same item on another marketplace.

Right now any solutions. I want to upload more HTML, XD and Figma template.

Create one which is not sold anywhere excpet here
Make yourself a non-exclusive author (lower earning %)

@charlie4282 Thank you

who know another marketplace ?