Why this template got a hard reject

why this HTML Template get hard-reject?

A few days ago I submitted this to TemplateMonster,
Approved without any problem,
Why does Themeforest reject this?

Presumably you submitted to envato before submitting it to TM?

of course.!

It does not look too bad - hard rejection does seem quite harsh.

FYI as an exclusive author you should not be selling alternative or ‘within the product family’ versions of items on other marketplaces https://help.author.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000471226-Exclusivity-Policy

As I understand this item

I can not sell in Envato,

I understand it right?

Because you have that one for sale on Themeforest, then technically any other version of the same design e.g. as HTML, WordPress etc. also needs to be only sold on envato

So I need to delete this one item from Envato?

Delete item done!