Hard reject item because my server was down when the reviewer has checking


This year has start just “great” for me. My first Hard rejected ever - it happens. But, should be really hard rejected? Here is my demo:

and here are the “main reasons” which reviewer has point me:

This “two reasons” are there because it looks my server was down (missing CSS and missing Image) when the reviewer was checking my demo. And the proof is another image which reviewer has also sent me (on the next image you will see that the “buttons” in the menu are properly styled").

The another reason (also the proof that my server was down) is this:

The parent Menu item is not linked to the default menu layout OR does not open the submenu when you click on the parent - that is something which can be fixed in no time and I think it should be never listed as reason for hard rejected.

So, with 3 reasons above I totally disagree with the review and I think any of them can not be reason for hard rejected because again, my server was down when he has checked and the second one is something which is never should be consider as reason for the hard rejected.

There are two more reasons for hard rejected which the reviewer has sent me. This they are:

I understand that this may not be a full list of the reasons why the item is rejected but this are the “main reasons” and 2 of them are because my server was down and 1 is because the menu item is not linked? I mean, really?

Thank you for your time.

This does seem quite harsh, especially for a proven and respected author. Surely this is not a ‘hard’ rejection, for that?

I would see if there are any small tweaks you could do to add to it (FYI we’d buy it as it is, but have a few ideas of ways to add even more to it), and resubmit while explaining that your server was previously offline.

FYI we don’t have the technical know-how of the reviewers but there is some UI work here that is outstandingly good compared to even some of the best themes on the marketplace.

Thank you.

It looks like that is not the only / main reason. It looks like they think is not good enough (I have opened the Support Ticket). For 10+ years I was selling items only on Envato but it looks like it is time to start to sell on some other places also.

By the way, I have check the last 2-3 themes which are approved on ThemeForest and there are items which are the same like 80% other themes on the market. They also have “the same bug” which I have with my item (Parent menu item is not linking anywhere - it is link to “#”) and that is ok for approved themes but that was one main reasons why my item was rejected.

I understand that all reviewers have not the same “standard” - but obvious there is “huge gap” and it depends a lot which reviewer will get which item.

There is more and more reviewers so in a result the item approval is a matter of luck too.

There is update here - it is approved now.

Thank you @charlie4282 for supporting me.

Yeah, we saw that it got through. Looks really good. Fingers crossed for you.

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